Can you win consistently betting on horse races?

You’ve probably heard the old saying that “All horseplayers die broke,” but that’s an oversimplification.

You can win consistently in horse racing, though it’s very difficult to do.

Elite players can succeed in a variety of ways, but the most common ways it’s done these days is by using computer algorithms to analyze betting pools in real-time and make last-second wagers in situations that will show a profit over the long term.

And even if they lose a bit, these players, known as “whales” are able to end up in the black over time because of rewards that the offshore sites they frequent offer to keep their business.

Another way players profit is by concentrating on “mandatory payout” pools on jackpot multi-race wagers like the Rainbow Pick 6 at Gulfstream Park, which roll over a large portion of the pool on days when no single ticket has all six winners. They can turn a long-turn profit by targeting these days and playing aggressively. Read more about strategies in horse racing.

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