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The state of Georgia does hold a long-standing tradition when it comes to horse racing. Each April, the Atlanta Steeplechase is held in Rome. As well, there is the Hawkinsville Harness Festival that takes place in South Georgia. The city of Hawkinsville owns the track and training facility that plays host to the harness racing festival. Each of these events holds a rich history of more than half a century.

However, what Georgia does not allow is pari-mutuel wagering. It is against the law. All forms of wagering on horse racing are forbidden across the state. 

While Georgia does have a state lottery and has for more than three decades, all other forms of gambling are frowned upon by the state’s populace, which is rich in religious conservatism. Casino gambling, poker rooms, and sports betting are also forbidden.

Debate over gambling in Georgia

Georgia Horse Racing History

It seems as though every year, some optimistic Georgia politician puts forth a bill seeking to legalize pari-mutuel wagering on horse racing in the state. As longshot bets go, this is one that never comes in a winner.

In January 2021, Republican State Senator Brandon Beach was the latest to make an attempt. Georgia bill SB30 would create a state racing commission to oversee the sport of horse racing. They would be given the power to issue a maximum of three licenses to operate a horse racing track. The bill would also permit wagering on simulcast racing across the state. 

For this bill to become law would require a two-thirds vote within the Georgia General Assembly to approve a constitutional amendment enabling betting on horse racing to be legalized in the state. It would also require approval at the ballot box from a state-wide vote.

Georgia Horse Betting FAQs

Is online horse betting legal in Georgia?

No. Georgia has some of the strictest anti-gambling laws in the US, including a ban on horse racing.

Where to watch online/stream horse races in Georgia?

Unfortunately, there are no streaming options for horse racing in Georgia.

Are there any racetracks in Georgia?

The state does not have any horse racing tracks. Off-track betting locations are also not allowed. 

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