What is a pick 6 in horse racing?

A pick 6 is similar to other multi-race wagers and requires a bettor to pick the winner in six consecutive races. Its appeal owes to the fact that Pick 6 payouts can be enormous.

The minimum betting unit varies but can be as low as 20 cents, meaning you can pick a single horse in each of the six races for 20 cents. But as is the case with other types of “exotic” wagers, many players improve their odds by “keying” individual horses in some races and “spreading” by using multiple horses in others.

The cost of a ticket can be calculated by the total number of combinations of the base betting unit. For example, a 50 cent Pick 6 that uses 3 horses in the first leg, followed by 1, 4, 6, 2, 2 in the following races, would cost $144 (0.5x3x1x4x6x2x2=$144). Read about Pick 3 and Pick 5 bets as well. Start picking at TwinSpires or AmWager already now and bet on horses online.