What are the best horse racing betting strategies?

There is no single betting strategy in horse racing that is best for everyone.

The key is figuring out what wagers fit best with your approach to handicapping and focusing on those opportunities.

Some bettors are quite content with win, place and show wagering, for example, though these tend to be casual fans who are there to have a fun day at the track as opposed to serious bettors.

Others will at least dabble in “exotic” wagers – multi-horse or multi-race bets.

“Serious” players often shoot for the moon, diving deep into Pick 6s and other wagers with near unlimited upside and the downside of long dry spells.

Whatever your level, developing a wagering plan that shows a positive return on investment over time is the primary skill needed to be a successful horseplayer.

Once you’ve mastered the basics of handicapping, I’d recommend developing a record-keeping strategy that will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses as handicapper and as a bettor. Try AmWager or TVG bonus code already now and bet on horses online.