What’s the best way to pick a winner in horse racing?

If there was a simple answer, I wouldn’t be writing answers to your questions about horse racing.

But I will say this: Handicapping horse racing is like peeling an onion. Every time you take off a layer, the next one adds a level of complexity that was previously invisible.

So the ability to pick a winner in a horse race is essentially an exercise in assimilating vast amounts of information and evaluating the importance of each particular datapoint to identify the horse with the best chance of winning.

That’s why with proper programming computers are actually quite good at predicting winners.

But human handicappers do have an advantage as well: With experience, they can obsess on a particular race and uncover nuances that no artificial intelligence program will ever find and exploit that advantage. If you would like to bet more save, maybe bet on a place or show placement of your favorite horse. Read more about long shot strategy here.