What is a grand slam bet in horse racing?

The Grand Slam bet, introduced by the New York Racing Association in 2006, is a Pick 4 with a twist.

Instead of picking four winners in a row, a handicapper’s selections need only finish in the top three in the first three legs, followed by the winner of the fourth and final leg.

As with other multirace wagers, players often improve their odds of winning by using multiple horses in some or all races.

You can calculate the cost of a slam bet ticket by determining the number of possible combinations and multiplying that by your base horse wagering unit. So if you are playing a $1 ticket that uses three horses in the first leg, six in the second, one in the third and four in the fourth, for example, the cost would be calculated as 3×6=18×1=18×4=$72. Read more about winning strategies here. Find the best offer to start betting on horse races at TVG, AmWager or Twinspires.