Super High-5 bet in horse racing: how does it work?

A Super High-5, also known as a Super Hi-5 or pentafecta bet in hporse racing, requires a punter to pick the top five finishers in order in a single race.

Obviously, that’s a tall order, which means the payoff when you hit could be life-changing. Additionally, many tracks “carry over” a portion or all of the betting pool on days when no one correctly selects all five horses in order, creating sometimes massive jackpots that add to the bet’s allure.

With some tracks offer the Super High-5 with a base wagering amount of 10 cents, the wager can theoretically return huge amounts for a very small wager. But in practice, most players include multiple combinations on their tickets to improve their chances of cashing.

But with many thousands of possible combinations possible, that can be an expensive strategy. Read also about the other “fectas” like trifecta and superfecta. Read more about strategies in horse racing betting.

How to use super high 5 bet? Example:

Calculating the cost of a Super High-5 ticket gets into some fairly complicated math involving “permutations without repetition.”  There are a number of online calculators that can help with the heavy lifting, though the simplest way is to use your preferred online wagering platform to enter your selections and see if the cost of the ticket is in your comfort zone.