A superfecta bet in horse racing explained with examples

A superfecta requires a bettor to select the top four finishers in order in a single race.

Superfectas generally are offered with lower base betting amounts – sometimes as low at 10 cents – enabling players to improve their odds of winning by “boxing” multiple horses to cover different placing orders or “keying” the horse you think is going to win and then using multiple horses in the second, third and fourth positions.

Example of a superfecta bet in horse racing:

You can calculate the cost of a ticket by determining the number of possible combinations – a four-horse box with a 10-cent base unit contains 24 possible combinations, so the cost would be $2.40. 

There are a number of online calculators available on online wagering sites like Amwager that can help with the heavy lifting, though the simplest way is to use your preferred online wagering platform to enter your selections and see if the cost is in your comfort zone.

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