Who gives the best horse racing tips & predictions?

The best tips are the ones you figure out for yourself.

But if you aren’t an experienced handicapper or don’t have the time to carefully research the races, tips from a service could make sense.

I don’t closely follow any of the selection services, but sellers I respect include Kevin Cox, aka the “Brooklyn cowboy,” for New York circuit; Rob Henie of West Coast Handicapping Report and East Coast Handicapping Report; and Bob Ike with

Free Horse Betting Tips & Handicappers To Read

If you don’t have money to spend in search of the big payday:

  • Jeff Siegel with
  • Caleb Keller with

They are both sharp horse betting handicappers and experts who offer their tips, predictions and horse betting opinions for free.

Last, be aware that there are a lot of charlatans out there who claim amazing successes in an effort to lure the gullible. I suggest you do some online research before handing your money to anyone who claims to be the second coming of “Pittsburgh Phil” (look him up).