What is an Acca bet in horse racing?

Acca is shorthand for an accumulator bet, which requires a bettor to pick the winners in at least four separate races. Similar wagers using two or three races are generally known as a double and a treble.

The term is primarily used in the U.K. and is the rough equivalent of a “parlay card” in American sports betting. The bet is not available through U.S. and Canadian advance wagering providers, to my knowledge.

The big difference between the Acca bet and a multirace wager in North American racing is that the accumulator can include as many as 20 different races with most online bookmakers. In the U.S. and Canada, wagering providers generally do not offer mutirace wagers that extend beyond the Pick 6, which requires the bettor

Also, the races do not have to be in consecutive races or even at the same racetrack.

As with the Pick 6 in the U.S., Accu bets can bring high rewards when they hit, but that is difficult to do, particularly as you add more races to your ticket.