What is a quinella bet in horse racing?

A quinella in horse betting is similar to an exacta bet in that it requires a bettor to correctly predict the top two finishers in a race in order to cash. The difference is that quinellas are automatically “boxed,” meaning the bettor wins if the two selected horses finish first and second, no matter which one wins.

As with exactas and other multihorse or multirace wagers, many players include multiple combinations on their tickets to improve their chances of cashing.

To calculate the cost of such a ticket, you need to know how many combinations are included. It’s a simple calculation: Take the number of horses included, then subtract one and multiply the two figures.

How does quinella bet work?

For example, a four-horse quinella with a base bet of $1 costs $12 (4×3=$12). If your base wagering unit increase, simply multiply by that at the end. So a $3 base bet would increase the cost to $36 (4x3x3=$36).

Where can you place quinella horse bets? Try Amwager or TVG.