What is a Daily Double bet in horse racing?

The Daily Double requires a bettor to select the winners of two successive races.

At one time the tracks designated the races that were available for Daily Double betting, but nearly all now offer “rolling doubles” on all races except the last of the day.

To improve their odds of cashing on the Daily Double, many horseplayers sometimes include multiple horses in one or both of the two “legs” (races) in the bet. For example, a bettor might use the 6 horse in the first race and the 2,4,6 and 7 in the second.

Calculating the cost of such tickets is easy: simply take the base wagering unit – let’s use $2 in this instance, and multiply by the number of horses in the first races and the number in the second race. So in the example above: 2x1x4=$8.

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