lucky 15 and 63 bets in horse racing

Lucky 15 & Lucky 63 Bets: How Do They Work?

What Is A Lucky 15 Bet in Horse Racing?

Most commonly undertaken by horse racing punters, a lucky 15 bet is comprised of 15 bets of equal value that cover selections in four separate events. These include four single wagers, six doubles, four trebles and one four-leg accumulator. 

The advantage of playing a lucky 15 bet is that it allows the bettor to take a selection of four horses that they might fancy having a punt on during a race card and then packaging them all together.

Suppose for instance a bettor was keen on four different horses to win in four particular races on a day’s card. The four single wagers would each be a separate win play on these four horses. The six double bets enable all of the four horses to be combined in double combinations. Likewise, the four trebles do the same. Finally, the four-fold accumulator plays them all to win in one bet. 

Why Play A Lucky 15 Wager?

The reason to package these horse racing bets into a lucky 15 play is because it only requires one of the wagers to come in to earn a payday from the wager. In essence, you aren’t putting all your eggs in one basket, or specially, into one win or go home wager.

The other benefit is that the more pieces of the lucky 15 that come in, the more money the bettor will pocket. If two horses win, the payout will be on two singles and one double. If three of them win, the payday involves three singles, two doubles and a triple. And should all four of them get to the wire first, then each segment of the lucky 15 is a winner and thousands of quid figure to be filling that bettor’s pockets.

It’s also possible to play a lucky 15 wager each way at Betfred or William Hill UK. This wager would cover the horses to both win and place. It doubles the bets required to 30 but also enhances the chances of hitting on more legs of the lucky 15.

The lucky 15 wager can also be played on football matches. In this instance, the bettor would be combining four different matches, as opposed to four different horses to win four separate races. 

The drawback to a lucky 15 wager is that each bet will have the exact same stake. If a bettor likes one or two of the four horses, or matches in the case of the football option, they can’t wager more on those legs. Each bet must be laid for the same unit of staking. 

888Sport, bet365, Betfred – 3 top online bookmakers offering Lucky 15 and Lucky 63 bet types on horse racing.

What Is A Lucky 63 Bet?

A lucky 63 bet is a way to combine six horses that a punter is keen on into a series of bets that could lead to a healthy payday at the betting windows.

To start off in pursuit of such a wager, firstly a bettor must be fond of the chances of winning of six horses in six separate races. They can be on one race card at a specific track, or six different horses racing at tracks anywhere in the world. As long as there is wagering access to each horse at each track in each race, then the bettor is in with a chance at quite the impressive payout.

The lucky 63 bet consists of 15 doubles, 20 trebles, 15 four-fold accumulators, six five-fold accumulators, and one six-fold accumulator. In total, it creates 63 specific wagers.

The best part of the lucky 63 wager is that even if just one of the six horses backed to create this massive wager is a winner, then so is the bettor who back all of these horses in these many combinations. That being said, with each additional win, the amount that a punter can pocket will be growing exponentially.

Is A Lucky 63 Wager Worth The Effort?

Sure, you could just place six separate win wagers on the six horses you fancy but by going with the lucky 63 play, the bettor who is placing all of these wagers is also lining themselves up for the possibility of a massive payday at the betting windows.  

The drawback to this wager is that all of the bets must be staked to the same unit, so a bettor can’t put a larger portion of the wager on the horse or horses they like to win the most. 

The lucky 63 can also be played as an each way wager, meaning the bets cash if the horses wagered finish first or second. It will cost double to play the wager this way but will also double the chances of winning. 

Football bettors at 888Sport are also fond of the lucky 63 play. Many football punters like to seek out draws to include in the wager, thus increasing the potential payday to massive numbers. For instance, picking four draws in a lucky 63 wager could potentially increase the odds payout on the play by 100/1.

There are online lucky 63 bet calculators that allow punters to figure out exactly how much their wagers will offer in potential payout.