Yankee Bet in Horse Racing

How Does A Yankee Bet Work? 

Popular in the horse racing world, a Yankee bet is a wager with 11 elements of equal value across four separate events. These are six doubles, four trebles and one four fold accumulator. Putting together a Yankee bet is a prominent formula when a punter has four horses that they like to be winners in four separate races. 

If even two of the four horses come in to win, a Yankee bet can return a handsome profit. The one drawback to this style of wager is that each bet played must be for the same amount.

The Yankee bet shouldn’t be confused with the Super Yankee bet. Also referred to as a Canadian, this wager involves five horses and 26 elements.

A Yankee bet is similar in fashion to a Lucky 15 bet. However, in the case of a Lucky 15 wager, it starts off with four singles wagers. Those aren’t part of the Yankee bet assembly. 

Why Play A Yankee Bet?

Playing four straight bets to win on four horses in four separate races on a card could pay off well. However, if two or three of those horses are prohibitive favourites, the return will hardly be worth the risk.

However, by combining all four of these wagers into the Yankee bet, a bettor is creating a formula that is holding the potential to deliver significant winnings. If a punter is planning to wager on all four of these horses anyway, why not put the wheels in motion for engineering a much healthier stipend?

Calculating Yankee Bet Winnings

Once they’ve outlined their plans for a Yankee bet, a bettor can calculate the odds of winning one a one, two, three, or four-horse victory. To start the calculation, it’s easiest to do so by converting fractional odds to decimal odds. To do so, simply divide the first number by the second number and then add one.

Multiply the number of bets in each element and then multiply that number by your stake. If math isn’t your best subject, several UK betting sites supply online odds calculators like bet365 or William Hill.

Playing An Each Way Yankee Bet

It’s also possible to play a Yankee bet as an each way wager. This means that the wager will be a winner whether the horse bet wins or places in the race. 

Turning a Yankee bet into an each way play doubles the numbers of elements in the wager from 11 to 22. It will also double the cost of the punt. Thus, a £15 Yankee bet played as an each way wager would cost £30.