each way betting in horse racing explained

What Is An Each Way Bet? 

Commonplace in horse racing, an each way bet is somewhat self explanatory. A bettor is having two punts on the same horse but is combining what be played as two separate bets into one wager. A single horse is chosen in a race. With an each way wager at Betway or bet365, the horse is being bet to win and to place on the same bet. What they mean is that if the horse finishes first or places during the race, the sports bettor will earn a payday from this wager. Online bookmakers will determine in advance of the race which finishes will count for an each way place wager.

Both of the bets in an each way wager will be for the same amount. Thus, if a bettor wagered £10 on an each way punt, the wager would be split up into a £5 win bet and a £5 place bet. That also means when an each way horse bet is placed at an online bookmaker, the stake entered on the wager automatically doubles. Thus, a £5 each way play would cost £10 for the entire punt. In order to place an each way wager, go to the sportsbook and make the selection that you are seeking to back. Before placing that bet, be certain to check off the box that is marked “E/W.” This will turn the play into an each-way bet.

How To Calculate An Each Way Bet

When calculating potential earnings for an each way wager, it’s always prudent to remember that a win in the race by the horse played will still deliver the heftiest payout. On any win bet that is part of an each way wager, the return on the win portion of the play will be paid in full if the horse goes on to win the race. In the case of the place wager, the payday will be much less significant. A win here generally pays out at a fraction of the posted odds. Usually that is between 1-4 and 1-5.

It’s also possible to turn an accumulator into an each way wager. Simply fill out the selections on your acca bet but before submitting the wager to the online sports betting site, be certain to tick off the box marked “E/W.” Again, the stake will be automatically doubled when clicking on the “E/W” icon and turning it into an each way play. A £10 each way acca would cost the bettor £20. 

In simple terms, an each way wager is doubling a player’s chances of hitting for a win.