Zed Run NFT Horse racing Review
Zed Run
4.6 rating based on 1 rating
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4.6 rating based on 1 rating
4.6 stars
Zed Run NFT Horse Racing Marketplace
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Zed Run is a digital racehorse ownership platform where you can race, breed and profit on digital horse racing.
Zed Run bonus code & offer tested: 21.04.2024
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Zed Run NFT Horse Racing Review

Zed Run is one of the most popular digital horse racing platforms available. Here, users are able to purchase, sell, breed, and race horses. It is now possible for anyone to be a horse owner online and start making money. The platform provides secure access and users are able to build a stable to house their horses. There is also a section dedicated to breeding where studs can be bought and sold.

Zed Run is built on a blockchain that allows users to experience the perks of owning a real horse. All transactions that are conducted will be stored on the blockchain to provide enhanced security to members. 

Zed Run NFT Horse Racing Review
Zed Run NFT Horse Racing Platform

How Does Zed Run Work?

To benefit from the services at Zed Run digital horse racing, NFT users will have to make use of a virtual wallet to buy a digital horse. Metamask is the suggested option. It is free and has a great web extension that can be used. Once the wallet is set up. Head to Zed Run to create a digital stable. This is where your horses will be held and you can also view win percentages here. 

To purchase a horse, you will have to search for sales on Opensea, which is the most trusted NFT platform online. It is the only site at this time where official Zed Run horses can be purchased. Once a horse has been purchased, it can be raced by clicking on Racing to view all available Zed Run races. Simply make a selection, pay the entry fee, and your horse will be entered. Try alternative NFT horse racing metaverses, like Maxima or Oly Sport. You can also check out horse racing bookmakers in the USA and UK sites to place real money bets on real world odds.


What Can Be Done at Zed Run NFT Horse Racing?

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As a member of Zed Run, you can enjoy the amazing world of horse racing without ever leaving home. While owning a real horse is something that most people can only dream of, Zed Run makes it possible by providing digital horses that are completely unique. The platform combined NFTs, gambling, cryptos, and sports betting together to deliver an amazing experience. 

As an owner, you are able to enter your horse in races and watch them perform. The platform is not only for those that invest in horses, but fans can also place bets on their favorite horse. 12 horses can be entered into every race and the top three will win payouts from the prize pool. 

At Zed Run, there are multiple ways in which money can be made. The most obvious is by entering races and winning. If you finish in the top three, payouts will range between 15 and 60% of the prize pool. Another way to earn money is to offer your make horse in the Stud Farm, reed horses and sell them, or flip horses in the marketplace, 

What Wallets and Cryptos are Accepted?

At this time, Metamask is the only official wallet supported at Zed Run. You will use this to store your Ethereum that is used for making a purchase or entering races. There are no other cryptocurrencies used at Zed Run.

Zed Run Live Streaming
Zed Run Live Streaming

Zed Run Bonus Offers

At this time, Zed Run does not feature any bonus deals for those that create new accounts. You will have you fund your wallet using Ethereum and use those funds to enter races or buy horses. Bonus deals may become available at a later date and these may add some free Ethereum to an account.

Is Zed Run a horse betting platform?

No, Zed Run is a digital NFT horse racing marketplace that allows you to race, breed, buy and sell your virtual horses.

How many ZED run horses are left?

Genesis horses, those that are the first generation horses created by Zed Run, are no longer available. There were 38,000 created. Now, users can only buy horses that have been bred from the original Genesis line.