Oly Sport NFT Horse Racing Metaverse Review
Oly Sport
4.0 rating based on 1 rating
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4.0 rating based on 1 rating
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Oly Sport NFT Horse Racing Metaverse
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Oly Sport - the world's first horse racing metaverse game for players to earn virtual land and real land in game.
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Oly Sport NFT Horse Metaverse Review

The Oly Sport Metaverse is a trusted blockchain-based horse racing game that allows users to purchase assets that are backed by true real estate. With this platform, one is able to buy virtual land and provides a unique digital horse racing experience. Using non-fungible tokens as assets and blockchain tokens as currency, users can engage in the thrills of owning and racing horses just as they would in real life. Similar to other NFT racing platforms, you can buy, sell, and breed horses. The thing that makes Oly Sport different is the idea of virtual land ownership.

How Does it Work?

Oly Sport is a great horse racing digital platform that is one of the first Canadian metaverse companies that is building the foundation around trading and owning NFT thoroughbred horses. Horses can be bought or bred and will be housed in virtual stables where users will digitally feed and train them until they are able to race. At this time, no bets can be placed on races using the platform. The main focus is offering a way for crypto investors to own digital horses and generate streams of revenue.

One thing that will set Oly Sport apart from all other NFT horseracing platforms is the ability to buy virtual land. The parcels purchased can be used to create a farm or even construct a racetrack where your horses can run. With this feature, the user will be able to buy land assets actually located in Toronto and the hope is to offer virtual land in 6 continents. 

What Wallets and Cryptos are Used?

When using Oly Sport, all transactions will be conducted using $OLY, which is a specific token only available at Oly Sport. Other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum will not be supported. A crypto wallet will be used to store your $OLY, just like any other cryptocurrency.

What Can be Done at Oly Sports Horse Racing Metaverse?

buy and breed virual horsesGenetic Algorithm (GA)
virtual horse races and esportsAlgorithm calculates results based on RNG
earn esports prizes from virtual horse racesWinners take the prize pool
NFT horses marketplace

At Oly Sport decentralized network, game players have the ability to purchase digital land. The value of this land can appreciate in time and the value will be reflected by real world land values. Even if your in-game $OLY tokens drop in price, the land value can still increase. With the purchase of land,  users can then build stables, farms, racetracks, and other things that can generate income. It is also possible to be a racecourse shareholder which will generate passive income. 

Of course, you can buy, sell, and trade race horses using the platform as well. Horses can be purchased at an NFT marketplace on Oly Sport or they can be bred and sold. The overall value of any horse will be determined by its rarity, speed, stamina, and recovery. 

Unlike other NFT racing sites like DeRace, where fans can bet on races, there is no gambling supported with Oly Sport. Only those that own horses are able to enter races for an entry fee. As many as 12 horses can run  in a race and top placers will receive payouts in the form of token rewards. The rewards will vary based on the race and the tournament that has been entered. As horses participate in more races and win, they have greater chances of winning in future races.

Oly Sport aims to help investors and players earn profit in many ways:

  • Collect & trade NFT horses
  • Breed & sell NFT Horses
  • Care for horses
  • Host races at your racecourse
  • Participate in races
  • Participate in eSport Tournaments
  • Stake
  • Trade NFT Land
  • Play Lottery games
  • More here
Oly Sport Horse Racing Metaverse

Are There Oly Sport Bonuses?

At this time, there are no bonus incentives for members or investors. All transactions will have to be conducted using $OLY that is held in a crypto wallet. The platform does not have any special rewards or royalties that can increase profits. However, Oly Sport run several monthly tournaments with real money pool prizes.