DeRace Virtual Horse Racing NFT Metaverse
4.0 rating based on 1 rating
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4.0 rating based on 1 rating
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DeRace NFT Horse Racing Review
  • In-game horse marketplace
  • Horse breeding
  • RNG Horse races
  • NFT Hippodromes
  • Streaming
DeRace is a play-to-earn NFT horse racing metaverse. Redeem tickets to participate in horse races, breed NFT horses, build your own NFT hippodrome and make profits.
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DeRace NFT Horse Racing Review & Bonus

DeRace is an NFT play-to-earn racing metaverse/platform owned by Block Game Studio in Estonia. With this exciting horse racing world, users can enjoy a real-life racing experience and can participate as an owner, bettor, or even a bookmaker. This site is not just about NFT racing, but also allows owners to breed and trade horses. You can even be a oddsmaker that owns a Hippodrome where races are hosted and bettors are allowed to place wagers on their favorite horses for the chance to generate profits!

How Does DeRace Horse Racing Work?

At DeRace, users will enjoy the thrills of simulated horse racing that can provide an amazing experience and ways to generate profits. Horse owners are able to trade and breed horses and compete in a variety of races. Hippodromes that are owned by bookmakers will host the races and owners can enter horses to compete against others for the chance to earn payouts. There is also an option for bettors to place bets on favorite horses so they can enjoy the action and chance to win.

What Can be Done at DeRace?

NFT HippodromesBookmakers make a profit from entrance fees
In-game horse marketplaceNFT horses can be bought and sold 
Horse breedingGenetic Algorithm and Ethereum Smart Contract
RNG Horse racesThe winner gets % of all participant fees
BonusesPrizes, Tournaments

There are many things that one can do at DeRace gambling metaverse. There are NFT horses that can be bought, sold, traded, or bred. Using NFT technology, all horses are completely unique and are stored as tokens. They can be bought at the DeRace marketplace if users do not wish to create their own horses through breeding.

The main function of DeRace is offering horse racing events. Users can generate income when horses run in races and a percentage of the prize pool will be paid to the top three horses in any race. There is also the unique ability to own a Hippodrome. These are necessary for the platform to operate as they are where all races will be held. Administrators of Hippodromes are referred to as bookmakers and they will decide the details of all races and when they will be held. 

Ad for race betting, owners and fans can bet on any horses that are running in races features. There is a dashboard that will display all races and upcoming events. Bettors will be able to wager on a winning horse, top 5 horses, or any horses that finish the race. As soon as a race ends, all earned payouts will automatically be credited to the account in DERCs.

NFT Hippodromes & Betting at DeRace

Horse races take place in hippodromes owned by bookmakers. Bookmakers make a profit from entrance fees. Learn more here.

Bonus Deals

While you will not find traditional types of bonuses being offered at DeRace, there are special perks for users. DeRace coin holders will have some opportunities that are not available to others. As a holder, you can benefit from early access to any asset drops that are offered. Holders of DERC will also be invited to test new platform features and will gain early access to the platform. 

DeRace NFT Horse Racing Review

What Cryptos and Wallets are Used?

If you want to benefit from racing and breeding on the DeRace NFT digital platform, you will find that there is a native token that is used. The DeRace Coin is used to perform all transactions, including any entry fees for races, user rewards, and NFT sales. DERC is secured by the Ethereum blockchain and provides a safe way to engage in crypto investing. 

All users can earn DERC tokens that can then be traded on exchange platforms. These tokens are earned by taking part in races, breeding horses, or hosting races at their own hippodrome. Tokens are stored in the secure Metamask wallet. 

$DERC DeRace Tokens NFT
$DERC holders take part in the decision-making governance process with regards to the development of the DeRace platform.
What is DeRace?

DeRace is an NFT horse racing site where players can participate in horse races, breed NFT horses with unique DNA, build NFT hippodromes and profit while doing it.

What is In-game horse marketplace?

NFT horses can be bought and sold both in the DeRace marketplace or in any other NFT marketplaces.